Cooking Cours

This morning, Jacqueline has guided you through the souks selecting the freshest ingredients. You already harvested the best vegetables from our gardens, picked up the eggs in the henhouse "in the kitchen now!". The gas stoves burning. The smells of spices, garlic, blend of caramel and spread throughout the Kasbah!

Hikes and Walks

From Kasbah Timdaf many circuits crisscross the shady groves. They through small Douars (villages). Invitations from people to share tea are common.
one hour to half a day ...

Bike Ride

Many trails crisscross shaded in the neighboring valleys. One might think that these groves are dead but on they are'nt! We see small douars (villages) playing hide and seek with the trees. Children are waiting for you, the women gather wood and the men are in the fields ...


Less than 30 minutes by car to reach one of four lakes near Kasbah Timdaf. Blackbass, pike, perch, white fish ... grow up in peace because there are no fishermen! Yannick, sport fishing enthusiast, will guide you throughout your day.

Motorbike Ride

Over the stops "tea" in the farms, the day passes and will remain unforgettable. Whether you choose the little Honda XR 250, the valiant 400 XR or the powerfull 650 XR , no one will refuse to take you on his spine and to take you on donkeys trail connecting the mountain villages.